Commercial Flights to Cuba Approved

It recently became a lot easier for planners to organize travel to Cuba after the U.S. Department of State reached an agreement allowing for commercial flights between the two countries. The news, announced this week, was greeted with the expected cheers from the travel industry. “ASTA member travel agents believe that Americans ought to be allowed to travel across the globe without restriction, allowing them to act as ambassadors of freedom and American values abroad,” said American Society of Travel Agents President and CEO Zane Kerby in a statement. ASTA estimates more than 2 million Americans could visit Cuba by 2017 should Congress vote to end all travel restrictions by year’s end. The association is advocating for all limitations to be lifted. Under President Obama, the U.S. and Cuba have begun normalizing relations after a half-century feud. Meetings and business travel have already been approved to the island country, which must work to improve infrastructure to accommodate large American audiences. Leisure travel remains the last barrier.