See This Colorful Car Wash Activation That Promoted OGX's Newest Products

Haircare brand OGX worked with experiential marketing firm MKG to transform a Los Angeles car launch into an eye-catching—and COVID-safe—experience.

OGX Beauty, MGX, Car Wash

While the pandemic is still affecting the way in-person events are being run, brands are continuously thinking outside of the box to promote their products in safe, creative and memorable ways. One recent, steal-worthy example comes from haircare brand OGX, who recently tapped MKG and BoldPR for a product launch that centered around its newest haircare lines, which include a keratin collection for smoothing, purple toning for blonde hair and coconut products for fine curls. 

The activation, which took place Feb. 5 in Los Angeles, was a socially distanced, free-to-the-public car wash that centered around the #UncapTheLove campaign messaging, using the carwash as a metaphor for washing your hair. "People have been at home for a year and are eager and excited for something that is not at home or on a computer," explained Christine Capone, president of MKG. "So we needed to create and design an experience that would be safe, thoughtful, fun and educational, and drive business." 

"MKG, Los Angeles Car Wash"
1907 Car Wash on South La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles was branded with large, colorful signage to attract the eye of people driving past. (Photo: Courtesy of MKG)


The idea of a car wash was chosen to evoke the idea that taking care of yourself on the outside can make you feel better inside—think, how you would feel inside a shiny, freshly washed car. 

Los Angeles has particularly been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic recently, so it was important for the activation to follow all the guidelines while still being fun and effective. "There is no idea worth risking guests’ safety for," said Capone. "Brands that are smart, respectful and thoughtful now will be applauded down the line."

To encourage social distancing, mask-wearing and other safety protocols, members of the general public were asked to remain in their cars for the entirety of the event. Employees and other staffers were encouraged to obtain a COVID-19 test within four days of the gathering, and were required to stay home if they received a positive test or were showing any symptoms. The event was also attended by a COVID Compliance Officer, who made sure staffers were consistently wearing two masks. The COVID Compliance Officer also asked all employees a series of screening questions before they could enter the site, and administered temperature checks and COVID-19 rapid tests upon arrival. 

To promote the event—and outline the safety precautions—MGK, BoldPR and OGX relied heavily on their social media. Attendees were also promised a free car wash plus full-size product giveaways of the new Innovations collection by OGX. "Every action a brand takes should be done with intention—whether that is sparking joy, creating moments of education or providing a service or benefit," said Capone.

Another goal of the activation? To spread OGX's messages of love and self-confidence, in a time when many people could use it. "We were able to share the new product stories in a cool and safe way from the moment guests drove up, to their car getting washed, to the moment they drove off," explained Capone. "Everyone who attended got products that are good for their hair—and a feel-good (and safe!) activation that was good for their spirits."


"OGX Beauty, Car Wash"
Signs featuring OGX's signature bottle shape made the event's purpose easily recognizable. Attendees stayed in their cars for the duration of the event, and technology such as QR codes allowed them to get more information about the new products while maintaining a safe distance from staff. (Photo: Courtesy of MKG)


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