We Asked, You Answered | What Are the Best Destinations for Youth Events?

“Orlando, by far, is the meeting destination for youth. We held our United Youth Congress in Orlando. We stayed at the Hilton Orlando, which was a jewel, and also used some of the Rosen Hotels, which are environmentally friendly. There are a variety of hotels at different price points, entertainment to suit any taste and the best weather money can buy. Orlando is more than Disney. There are more entertainment choices than days you will have in the area.”—Gary Crockett, United Youth Congress "Hampton, Va., is the best destination for a youth event. The city is fabulous, hotel accommodations are very affordable, and many museums, activies and parks in the city are free. It's the place to be!” —Steven Hill, Eastern Diocese Church of Christ Holiness USA “One of our favorite destinations for youth is our summer camp and retreat center called Camp Covecrest. At two hours north of Atlanta in the hills of North Georgia, it is the perfect escape from the distractions of the world. …When our youth come to Camp Covecrest they know that everything at the camp is designed for them in mind. When youth go to places where they feel loved, there is an immediate connection to something bigger than themselves.” —Chris Turner, LifeTeen “Ridgecrest [Conference Center in North Carolina]! I grew up going there and still love it—I take grown-ups now. Can't beat the mountains and easy access to so many states. Asheville is not far away and downtown Black Mountain is right down the road. As for youth? No TVs in the rooms and great meeting space for big groups.” —Kristin Stewart, Campus Crusade for Christ “For us, one of our top destinations is Atlanta. When it comes to children’s activities, there’s a lot of safe, wholesome stuff to do. With the connectivity of the downtown and some of the universities I can use, it’s great for us. And after the Olympics they created the Atlanta Ambassador Force, which makes it very safe. Also, Greensboro, (N.C.), because its coliseum has a new aquatic center, and with its universities and hotels, it’s very safe. Safety is our No. 1 concern.” —Rev. George E. McKain II, A.M.E. Zion Church “We have found that Orlando is the best. There are a lot of attractions that appeal to youth and their families. If you go at the right time, you can also get great rates. The Rosen Centre was great to work with. Other cities within Florida are also great like Daytona Beach, Tampa or Miami.” —Lindsay Widicker, Adventist Meetings “I’d say Indianapolis because of its proximity of activities to the downtown convention center for youth. The zoo is downtown; the minor league baseball stadium is downtown; the NCAA is headquartered there.” —Mark Smith, Gospel Music Workshop of America “The Kalahari Resort in [Sandusky], Ohio, is a wonderful place. The indoor waterpark, the meeting facilities and the accommodations are great. It really is a great place—with it all under one roof—to have a meeting, entertainment and socialization. And the food's good.” —Derek Anderson, A.M.E Zion Church RAYAC