LuLaRoe, Where Comfort Meets Chic


Chances are high you’ve seen the word LuLaRoe in your news feeds recently.

Founder DeAnne Stidham, who is of Mormon faith, began the line in 2012. Though the company does not release official sales numbers, judging by LuLaRoe’s nearly cultlike following, she’s experienced remarkable success. The clothes are sold exclusively by individual consultants and can't be found in stores, a business model Stidham says she created intentionally to benefit other women looking for a means to stay home.

LuLaRoe’s signature items are bright, patterned leggings, but the company also makes modest, fashionable dresses, tunics and maxi skirts. The line is hailed as extremely comfortable and universally flattering, and doesn’t wrinkle easily—making it well-suited for travel and long days on-site at events. Let’s 'Roe!