2020 Memory Makers: Lori Kohl

Lori Kohl is a vice president of global accounts at HPN Global. She is based in Omaha, Nebraska.

2020 Memory Makers: Lori Kohl

Lori Kohl describes herself as tenacious, warm and creative. Learn more about her.

How I Got Here: I spent 10 years with Marriott National Group Sales department, where I was very successful and awarded several top sales incentive trips. An opportunity to move to Starwood Hotels opened up in 2007. At Starwood, I met and exceeded my $14 million goals, again earning several top sales incentive trips. When Marriott bought Starwood, HPN Global reached out and offered me the job of a lifetime!

Greatest Career Accomplishment: After 18 months of searching, I am proud to report that in November 2019, I closed eight contracts for 22,000 room nights and $5.5 million in revenue planning the Passover Pesach! The numbers are wonderful to a salesperson, but even cooler is my relationship with two new friends: the rabbis. I have learned so much about the Jewish religion, Kosher foods, their meanings and requirements.

Impressive Stats: In my second year with HPN Global, which has 165 of the best hotel group sellers in the industry, I finished 2019 at No. 12 in top sales.

Specific Improvement I’ve made: I have made a daunting job manageable and more hopeful by explaining to cruise lines the value of Kosher cruises. We’ve been able to make a positive and lucrative impact for client as well as the cruise lines.

What I Am Working On Now: I have gotten a new Jewish account so I am tasked with finding a home for 2021 and 2022 for 450 rooms per night for 11 nights.

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