David Nico on Incorporating Wellness Into Your Life

Keynote speaker David Nico works to teach the world to embrace wellness in all parts of life.

David Nico on Incorporating Wellness Into Your Life

David Nico is recognized as a leading performance strategist, keynote speaker and certified wellness coach. His approach focuses on helping leaders live a whole life to create a long-lasting legacy. We asked Nico about his approach to navigating the intersection of spirituality, health and productivity.

You've talked extensively about the correlation between spiritual health and physical health. How have you seen the two connected in your own life? 

There are three major dimensions of health, as found in 1 Thessalonians 5:23. The spirit or spiritual, the soul or mind, will and emotions and the physical body. I believe a higher level of health is wholeness. Wholeness encompasses all the dimensions of health. With a Christian worldview and eternal perspective, it's not difficult to communicate with God while I'm working out physically, and that is a form of prayer. God is multifaceted, so I don't have to be in a particular posture of prayer to receive the benefits of prayer. We often like to compartmentalize practices, such as prayer, as only benefiting the spiritual dimension, but it can be much more influential throughout our entire being. 

How would you describe the “healthpreneur” and how it applies to you? 

I want to see our world healthier. That is a broad statement, but I believe everyone deserves a chance to be healthy or have access to healthier options. Without the right knowledge and understanding, God's people perish. This means we must be intentional about pursuing what I've described in my first book as Ideal, which is a higher level of health for the greater good of the population. 

To live this out practically, the code, as I've termed it, encompasses seven habits of a whole lifestyle. This includes believe, love, nourish, move, heal, serve and design. These habits, or regular practices, are what I've discovered after thousands of hours of research and interviewing high-performance leaders.  The purpose of health and wholeness is not only for self-leadership, but to be a greater blessing to the world and to help others.

How can we leverage our health and wellness in our professional and personal lives?

Instead of balance, focus on creating sustainable systems to enhance energy, productivity and time but be flexible with the changing seasons of life. Learn how to be in rhythm no matter what life brings. Build resilience by having a personal and professional plan. List out the motivations or reasons why it is important to you. For some, it's more time with family. Others, it provides a structure for getting things done. Leveraging personalized lifestyle systems to enhance personal and professional effectiveness yields results.

What role can event planners have in making the world healthier?

Understand their work is more than just facilitating meetings and events. They are catalysts to help transform lives. For example, in F&B, by making healthier options available, event planners are active participants in reducing healthcare costs and burdens of audiences developing or increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and some cancers. Planners are helping to create positive health transformations through the small decisions of what goes into creating events with healthier options. Wellness must not be a fad, but a cultural shift in the right direction. Shifting their budgets to embrace healthier practices creates better retention, energy and repeat clients through simple but powerful options.

You've talked about the rising generation as Generation Health. What does that mean?

Despite younger generations being more connected with healthier, cleaner diets, it is reported that a majority will be overweight or obese by midlife. Another report shows by 2050, over half of the next generations will be obese. Generation Health is both a warning and call-to-action to embrace healthier lifestyles. The good news is the church and faith-based organizations can play a powerful role in encouraging and motivating people to healthier lifestyles and ultimately wholeness.