Lecrae : One Word Wonder

Lecrae has said it time and again: He’s not a Christian rapper. He’s a rapper who happens to be a Christian. “A lot of people think that because I don’t like [that title] I’m ashamed of my faith,” he said on syndicated radio program “The Wake Up Show” with Sway Calloway. “I have no qualms about what I believe in… I don’t like music to be categorized. My faith is my faith, but music is music. I want everybody to hear it.”

And everybody is. While speaking and performing at faith-based events like Motion Student Conference, Move Conference and Nazarene Youth Conference, Lecrae has also gone mainstream, appearing on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and “GMA.”

The two-time Grammy Award winner has released seven best-selling albums, is president and co-founder of Reach Records, and has also been known to deliver powerful sermons like a seasoned pastor. While onstage at Passion 2015, the 6-foot-4 rapper—who looks more like a pro athlete than a preacher—had the audience silent and spellbound while he spoke for 30 minutes about living a Christian life.

“Anomaly” may be the name of his latest album, but it describes his work as an artist too. “I don’t quite fit in anywhere. I’m not Kirk Franklin and I’m not 2 Chainz, so, who is this dude and where does he belong? [I’m] an anomaly and I embrace that,” he said on the radio program. This was proven true when Lecrae was, for the first time in Billboard chart history, the artist occupying the No. 1 album spot on both the Gospel Albums and Billboard Top 200 Albums charts.

But selling albums has never been his end goal. “We’ve always looked at it as if we’re not trying to sell CDs, we’re trying to take care of people, and give them messages of hope and inspiration.” So far, it seems like that plan is working out well.

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