Reflect on Your Brand Champions With Michele Wierzgac

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When: Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2016, at 2 p.m. EDT

This high-energy, solution-driven presentation speaks to the core of why some leaders stand out in a crowd compared to others with the same set of skills. More than likely those leaders have created an authentic brand supported by core values differentiating themselves from others. Reflecting on your supporters is a mindset and a time-tested, real-world process. Attendees will leave this session with tips, tools and techniques that can be applied on the job immediately. Learning Objectives 1. Recognize how your brand assists in opening doors for you. 2. Determine your core values and the passions that drive you. 3. Develop a process for managing your brand champions.
michele wierzgac
It's no surprise Michele Wierzgac’s work has been dubbed by the media as "Business Solutions From the Lady on the Harley." Keynote speaker and author, Wierzgac is a symbol of navigating business solutions with high energy, audience engagement and on-your-feet participation. She has presented to prestigious organizations worldwide and is an adjunct professor. Wierzgac is the author of the book, “The Talking Stick: A Guide to Reflecting on Your Personal Brand” and is available for meet-and-greet book signings after every presentation. In her spare time, Wierzgac is a riding coach for Harley-Davidson's Motorcycle Riding Academy. She has a master's degree in educational administration and leadership from Illinois State University, where she also earned an undergraduate degree in physical education and athletic coaching while playing volleyball on an NCAA scholarship. For more information on past and upcoming webinars, click here.