5 Must-Read Books for Event Planners

Event planners, invest in yourself and your career by committing to reading these five practical yet inspirational books this year.

Books for Event Planners

If you don’t put new kinds of ideas in your head, you can’t expect to produce new kinds of events. Commit to reading these five books for event planners this year that will give you fresh ways to market your event, lessen your environmental impact, explain your vision clearly and more.

1. "Building a StoryBrand" by Donald Miller

In this book, Donald Miller proposes a new formula for marketing that can be applied to any company (or event!). The idea is focusing on what the customer (or potential attendee) wants, rather than giving unnecessary background information that won’t convince them they need what you’re offering. Applying the principles from this book could change your entire event marketing strategy, from your website to emails to signage.

2. "Sustainable Event Management: A Practical Guide" by Meegan Jones

If you’re ready to get serious about making your events more environmentally friendly, Jones’s book is a good place to start. First, Jones explains the various environmental elements impacted by an event, like energy and waste management. Then, she provides a checklist to help planners be more conscious about these factors as they plan their next event. The book includes case studies demonstrating events that have applied these concepts to lessen the environmental impact of their gatherings.

3. "Making Vision Stick" by Andy Stanley

How do you get the rest of your organization on board with the vision behind your event? Longtime pastor Stanley explains why vision doesn’t always catch on and then provides three practical steps you can take to change that. These action items will equip you to impart vision into everyone on staff—from the intern to the CEO—and then share that vision with potential attendees as you market your event.

4. "Five Days With the Mouse to Be a Better Event Planner" by Michael Kloss

Kloss explores five elements of Disney’s success, breaking it down into five metaphoric days spent in one of the theme parks. Each day he explores an element of event planning: immersive guest environments, managing guest expectations, storytelling, sustainability and accessibility—including safety. For each element, he analyzes a particular theme park attraction or two, showing how the Disney team nailed it and how event planners can learn from their design.

5. "How to Create Events to Remember" by Lee Richter

What makes this book stand out among the other event planning how-to books is that it’s a collection of interviews, stories and advice from successful event professionals. The individuals interviewed represent a range of fields relevant to events, private and corporate. Notable contributors include celebrity wedding planner David Tutera and Marie Kubin of Rent My Wedding.