New Tech to Enhance Your Events

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There's always new tech to enhance your events. Here, we have six tools—two gadgets and four apps for your phone—that will allow you to raise your game.

new techScoreStream

You’ve probably seen the live-score geofilters Snapchat produces during NBA and NFL games. Last fall, in time for football season, the company—which rebranded to Snap Inc. as it now produces products that go beyond its app—rolled out the same concept for high school football games. Students can snap their peers as they make touchdowns on the field and overlay it with a real-time scoreboard filter that’s sponsored by Gatorade. The app syncs with data from ScoreStream, a scoring system for high school and local sports teams.  


We’re calling it: This carry-on may be the most useful travel gadget ever. Modobag is the world’s first rideable suitcase. Not only will it zip you to your gate at up to 8 mph, it also has dual USB ports to charge devices and a memory foam seat. Launched on Indiegogo with early bird pricing of $995, the luggage is expected to begin shipping in January.

App Watch

Don’t let excess food go to waste. Food Connect helps rights holders donate surplus food to local shelters. Download the app; hit the “Donate food” button; and enter the pickup location. A vehicle will then swing by to take it off your hands.

To Uber or to Lyft? That is the question. Like an Expedia for ride booking, Up Hail congregates the fares of ride-hail and taxi services to give you a list of the best prices in your area.

This one’s a lifesaver when heading to a Wi-Fi dead zone. Google Trips stores all your travel details in one place—no internet connection necessary—so you can easily pull up your reservations and confirmation numbers, get suggestions on places to eat and visit, and map out your day.

Glympse uses GPS tracking to share your location with friends and family in real time—on your terms, of course. You decide who sees your location and for how long. This is especially handy when your group is participating in  off-site activities.