The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

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This is the ultimate holiday gift guide for event professionals. Whether it’s worrying about your pet or locating tights that are actually comfortable, we’ve got you covered. Happy holidays!

Gift Guide Infused Water bottleAvoin Colorlife Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Outdo the standard BPA-free bottle handed out on site visits with this 27-ounce fruit infuser water bottle. In less than two minutes, you can transform plain water into a drink with flavor without sacrificing hydration. It’s a nice touch for a long day of hopefully fruitful meetings. $12    

Gift Guide BelkinBelkin Wemo Switch

Forgot to shut off a light or the coffeepot when rushing to the office or airport? No problem. Belkin’s Wi-Fi-enabled Wemo Switch enables you to control any appliance in your house via your smartphone. $40

Gift Guide HipstickHipstik Tights

Constricting. Itchy. Muffin top. These are all words that come to mind when you think of tights. But these are no more, thanks to Hipstik Legwear, a women-owned company that has invented what no woman previously thought possible: comfortable tights. Made with a pretty lace waistband, opaque Hipstik tights won’t dig into your skin, but they will create a seamless shape under skirts and dresses. Consider these a gift to you, from you. $28

Gift Guide ChromecastChromecast Audio

Google’s Chromecast Audio may make DJs obsolete, or at least provide an alternative for planners looking to save on AV options. The small device plugs into a speaker and allows for live streaming via Wi-Fi from your phone or tablet anywhere your network reaches—even if it’s a floor away from the speaker. Buy it quickly enough and it could be the hit of your company’s holiday party. $35

Gift Guide FitBit Charge 2Fitbit Charge 2

By now, you’re a veteran of wearable tech. That means it’s time to upgrade your wristwear. The Fitbit Charge 2 goes beyond measuring heart rate and fitness levels to include guided breathing sessions and sport-specific exercise tracking. Both speak perfectly to parents looking for an early morning run or yoga session before theevents begin. A pulse reminder to get in 250 steps per hour is a good prod to stand up too. $150    

Gift Guide Nintendo ClassicNintendo NES Classic Edition

That’s right, the NES Classic Edition is back, feeding off the nostalgia of Gen Xers and old millennials. The 30 vintage games being re-released (Tecmo Bowl and Ninja Gaiden among them) are good for stress relief after a busy workday. Even better, the high interest in the game system is a good lesson in marketing toward specific audiences. Plus, who doesn’t love the idea of teambuilding over Donkey Kong? $60

Gift Guide Personalized Newspaper BooksPersonalized Newspaper Books

In some cities, reliving the past is better than watching the present state of pro sports. Simply Personalized is there for such angst-filled fans with personalized sports books filled with articles tracing the history of most major teams. The Seattle Seahawks and Mariners are the latest editions of the leather-bound books, in case you live in or know someone in the Pacific Northwest. From $70  

Gift Guide PetBotPetBot

Ever wonder what your pet is up to when you’re on the road? PetBot is a camera and treat dispenser that monitors furry friends during travel. Download its app to watch in real time, talk to the pets and give them treats like you would at home. The camera also detects when your pet is in close range and will send you random selfies of them throughout the day. $190

Gift Guide Cashmere setRaffi Pure Cashmere Travel Pack

Considering the amount of time event professionals spend on planes, they deserve quality accessories to help them sleep at 35,000 feet. Enter Raffi’s cashmere travel pack, which includes a 100 percent cashmere case that slides over airline pillows, an eye mask and a blanket. Available in black or cream, the splurge-worthy accessories are perfect for slipping into your carry-on. $550


This one is for the Snapchat gurus. Last month, Snap Inc. released Spectacles, a pair of sunglasses that let you film 10-second videos onto Snapchat from a first-person perspective. If your company has its own Snapchat, have a staff member wear them around your event to give viewers a firsthand account of your meeting. There is one catch: They’re exclusive. The only way to buy them is from a touring vending machine making its way around the world. $130

Gift Guide Wilson X FootballWilson X Connected Football

The Wilson X Connected Football measures a throw’s distance, speed, spin rate and velocity—making it perfect for aspiring NFL quarterbacks or for your buddy reliving the glory days. The stats link up with an app, making it a useful tool for tournaments as well. If hoops is your game, Wilson also has a connected basketball. $200