What Planners Can Learn From a Disaster at a High School Field

Need further proof about the importance of vetting vendors? Consider the unfortunate case at St. Edward High School in Elgin, Illinois, where an honest mistake cost the football team its home field, maybe for the remainder of its home games this season. The company hired to fertilize the school’s football field used weed killer instead of fertilizer—thought it took a day to realize the mistake. The chemical reaction was not pleasant, as you might imagine. Two-thirds of the field was damaged, and the team may have to relocate Friday’s scheduled game to a local park. A decision on future games will be made after the team can practice on its home turf again. The lesson for sports planners: Pick a vendor on which you know you won’t have to throw a flag. One understandable mistake by a vendor could disrupt or ruin an event, and not only will the athletes be disappointed, but it may cost you or the venue quite a bit of money. Photo Credit: WLS-TV