Boise, Idaho

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 4.14.55 PMBoise, Idaho, is happening; Boise is vibrant. First-time visitors often comment on Boise’s vibrancy, vitality and energy. With an active arts community and a lively downtown filled with shops, restaurants, nightspots and people, Boise is alive with entertainment options. Boise is active. When in Boise, do as the locals do: Get outside! The city’s mild, four-season climate and easy access to mountains, rivers, lakes and more make it a haven for those looking to explore beyond the city. Boise is unforgettable. Memories are made in moments: the cheer of a crowd, the thrill of experiencing something new and unexpected. That’s what makes Boise—with so many different events, sports and other exhilarating experiences—so extraordinary. Why not experience Boise for yourself?
Boise’s passionate tennis community, facilities and hospitality partners came together to create an incredible energy that stayed with us throughout the event. Boise is easy on the eyes; it’s such a beautiful city to host an event, but the beauty isn’t skin-deep. This place has a lot of heart. All of the partners pulled together to make this event happen, which is exactly what you need to pull off an event: synergy and hard work. We are grateful to have had the support of Boise CVB, Boise State University and the City of Boise to make our event a success.” –Chris Moore, Host Chair, Davis Cup
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Simplot Sports Complex  

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 4.16.30 PMBoise is many things. In Idaho’s southwest corner, visitors experience a full range of metropolitan conveniences and nearly any outdoor recreation they desire. At Boise’s Simplot Sports Complex, athletes compete in a first-rate facility against the backdrop of the city’s foothills. A 161--acre facility with 20 regulation--size soccer fields and 15 Little League baseball fields, Simplot Sports Complex offers everything a sports event needs to succeed, including more than 1,600 parking spaces, restroom facilities, a playground and miles of walking paths—all a short drive from Boise’s many attractions including Wahooz Family Fun Zone and Roaring Springs Water Park. What’s more, the facility takes an eco-minded maintenance approach with clipping, fertilized turf irrigated by surface water and recycling bins located throughout the facility. The complex hosts many local, state, and regional events and tournaments for youth play, including the yearly Les Bois Invitational Soccer tournament and the Far West Regional Soccer Championship. Simplot Complex Map 2013

Boise_ID_Willow Lane

Willow Lane Athletic Complex

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 4.18.16 PMBoise has a reputation for its high quality of life. The attributes making it a great place to live also make it an exciting place to visit and hold events and competitions. The city has a vibrant economy, a very walkable and safe downtown, fantastic amenities and outdoor recreational opportunities. Nestled along the Boise River, located minutes from the heart of downtown, is Willow Lane Athletic Complex, a 57-acre park with six softball fields, permanent lighting, ample parking spaces and plenty of seating for spectators. Willow Lane is accessible not only by driving, but also by walking, running or biking on the city’s 26-mile Greenbelt. Boise’s River Waterpark, complete with a wave shaper, is steps away from Willow Lane via the Greenbelt. If you’re feeling hungry, Flying Pie, a local favorite, is just across the street! The complex hosts many local, state, and regional events and tournaments for youth, including the 2015 Girls Fastpitch Softball Western National Tournament. Contact Ken Reeves, Special Services Unit Manager 208-608-7600