Up for Bid: 2023 International Jugglers' Association Festival

Jugglers' Association Festival
The International Jugglers’ Association is seeking host cities for its weeklong festival in 2023. The family-friendly event attracts between 500 and 750 jugglers from around the world. Here are the details: Deadline to Bid: Late Spring 2019 Dates: July 10-16, 2023 (first choice) or July 17-23, 2023 Venue Requirements: 20,000-sq.ft. space, 18’ ceiling height; 24’x24’x2’-riser stage with 12’ pipe-and-drape backdrop for the daytime events stage inside the main space; seating for an audience of 100 in chairs or bleachers facing the stage; Up to 60 6’ or 8’ folding tables, up to 50 standard folding or banquet chairs for vendors; 700-1,200 seat live performance proscenium theater rental for four nights; Late-night event venue or bar/nightclub with stage, lights & sound, with capacity for 200-300 people; 400-Meter indoor or outdoor track Estimated Number of Participants: 500-750 Hotel Requirements: Within a five-minute walk of all event venues. Hotel Rate: $100 or less Room Nights: 900-1,200 (175-200 room nights on peak ) Click here for the entire RFP. For more information, email Mike Sullivan, future festival site coordinator, at festivalsite@juggle.org.