Up for Bid: 2018-2019 Spartan Race Events

Spartan Race is seeking bids for its World Championship and other events in 2018 and 2019.

Up for Bid: Spartan Race

Spartan Race is currently seeking proposals to host its World Championship, U.S. Championship series and regular season events in 2018 and 2019. Each year, Spartan produces about 170 events globally of various lengths and challenges, including Sprint (3 miles/20 obstacles), Super (eight miles/25 obstacles) and Beast (12 miles/30 obstacles).

RFPs for the 2018 World Championship and U.S. Championship series are due Feb. 1, 2017; RFPs for the 2019 World Championship and U.S. Championship series are due Feb. 1, 2018. Bids for regular season events are accepted year-round.

Here are the details:

Time of year:  Regular season events: Year-round U.S. Championship Series: Race 1: May; Races 2-4: June-August;  Race 5: September World Championship: Late September/early October

Venue requirements:  > Must be within 40 miles of a metropolitan area > Terrain must have multiple changes in elevation > 200-acre course for Sprint events; 400-acre course for Super, 800-acre Beast > 20 acres of for festival, tents, restrooms, and spectators > 3,000 parking spaces

Estimated number of attendees: Athletes: 7,000-15,000 on average; Spectators: 1,500-2,000 on average

Room Nights: More than 5,000 on average

Hotel Rate: $129 or less

Rights Fee: Regular season events: $35,000-$50,000 U.S. Championship Series: $1250,000 World Championship: $300,000

For the complete RFP, click here. For more information, email Cherie Bortnick, director of business development, destinations, at cherieb@spartan.com.