Insider Series | Christine Strong Simmons, USA Fencing

Christine Strong Simmons has been moving up and down a strip for 12 years, thrusting and riposting to keep USA Fencing ahead of the curve. The powerhouse Simmons is charged with operations oversight of USA Fencing’s national and international events, as well as membership. She is a sought-after voice in the sports tourism industry, serving on the Connect Sports advisory board and numerous committees for various sports commissions and CVBs. What is top of mind these days for Simmons? Gen Z and millennials. Since 2011, her sport has had a 40 percent increase in membership—growing from 21,000 to 37,000 members. In this video, discover Simmons’ ideas for keeping membership engaged, thoughts on why you could lose Gen Z by the time they’re 17 years old and ways to keep events fresh for post-college grads.