Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials

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Like the rest of the country (well, except Seattle fans), we tuned out most of the game after the middle of the second quarter, choosing to pay more attention to the commercials. After watching all of them (some multiple times), here is our list of the Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials. Enjoy...or tell us why are wrong in the comments. For another reference, here is how the ads shook out according to the Ad Meter review.   No. 1 Radio Shack This was fantastic, with the perfect song choice and the fact Radio Shack has been completely marginalized in the past decade or so. Props to the company for employing a self-deprecating sense of humor. No. 2 Microsoft What a fantastic way of arguing the merits of technology. Using Steve Gleason was perfect as this was a football game, after all. This was a cool, heartwarming use of ad dollars. No. 3 Coca-Cola Using America's blend of cultures and nationalities to sing "America the Beautiful" was a nice touch. The visuals were fantastic and the message was better. No. 4 Budweiser What a fantastic ad. The content is obviously something we all appreciate, but the colors, the music and the real emotion set this one off. Bravo, Budweiser. No. 5 Oikos Yogurt A Full House reunion? Cut.It.Out! How can you not like Danny Tanner coming back to keep Uncle Jesse in line? Honorable Mention: Butterfinger It was funny, sort of "out there" and not what we were expecting. Bravo.