Collaborate Marketplace Field Report: What Are Your Two Words?

What are your two words? Ok, now you’ve got my attention Jim Spellos. Where is this going? That’s what I was thinking on day three of Collaborate Marketplace in Portland, Oregon, in June when Spellos, an event tech expert and longtime speaker at Collinson events, got up in front of an audience to close out our first-ever Flashpoint session with a brief 10-minute talk, a la TED. Three fantastic speakers preceded him, but as he so consistently does, Spellos left the audience thinking long after they’d packed their bags and headed to the next session. What are the two words that define where you’re headed and what’s driving change within your organizations and at your meetings? He offered a few examples. Google Glass. Social media. Disruptive technology. As an event tech teacher and student himself, Spellos defers to tech when it comes to talking about how events are changing. Of course, budgets are changing. Event logistics are changing. Event marketing is changing. But for Spellos, technology is at the core of how meetings and events have been upended in the past decade. Technology is fundamentally changing the way we plan and experience meetings and events. Take Collaborate Marketplace, for example. This was our fourth Collaborate Marketplace—the fourth one I’ve attended and the fourth for a number of attendees. The way it’s changed in just the past four years is subtle but real. This year, we included a first-ever social lounge in the registration area and invited attendees to shoot their first-ever Vine videos and helped them take part in a first-ever Collaborate Marketplace InstaHunt. That’s a lot of first-ever initiatives, all driven by social media and technology. My two words came to me later, after I’d arrived home, while watching an episode of “Breaking Bad” of all things. I’m midway through season two of the acclaimed show, and I’m watching the transformation of the lead character, who delivered a stunning revelation that once he’d abandoned fear, he felt liberated. “What I came to realize is that fear, that’s the worst of it. That’s the real enemy,” he says. Abandon fear. Those are my two words. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t be afraid to say, “We’re not going to just do it this way because we’ve always done it like that.” Those two words will help us deliver you new resources, better feature and more content to help you plan better events. What are your two words?