Job Casting: "The Intern" Movie

Tired of all the discussions about multigenerational challenges in the workforce and at meetings, which too often circle around cliches about Millennials and baby boomers? Watch “The Intern,” the new movie from director Nancy Meyers. The film flips traditional workplace standards, current and old-school, and provides a refreshing take on today’s work relationships. The fictional clothing site in the movie is reportedly based on Zappos, the online shopping company known for its "work hard, play hard" mentality and holacratic organization. The New York Times review by Manohla Dargis described the film as typical Meyers: “the kind of lifestyle fantasies you sink into like eiderdown”—not at all a bad thing. Yes, there are cliches here too. However, the movie provides a paradigm shift that might make you rethink generational assumptions. Speaking of fantasies, Forbes came out with a job report in September that includes event planner as among America’s eight most overrated jobs, describing the position as “another seemingly fun but high-stress profession." The article continues, "It’s not all creatively planning parties. Rather you often wind up working as an unpaid therapist, soothing neurotic hosts, managing temperamental caterers and accommodating legions of picky guests.” The article was based on this year’s CareerCast list, which lists the position as event coordinator.   Do you agree? We’d like to know your thoughts on professional job titles in our industry. Contact