5 New Emojis Basically Designed for Meeting Planners

Good news, world: 72 new emojis are about to jazz up your text messages. These new characters, adding to the current 1,601 in existence, will be available with your next smartphone update (iOS10 and Android N) this fall. As society reverts back to using hieroglyphics to communicate [insert sassy girl emoji here] , here are five we think meeting planners will end up using often.

1.Fist bumpFist bump

Share these fist bump emojis with your team members when something goes just as planned at your event—like when your AV team finally plays the right music on cue.


2. Bacon

Thank the emoji gods, there is finally a bacon emoji! Practically speaking, you could send this character to your F&B manager to let him or her know the breakfast buffet is running low on the salty morning necessity. Otherwise, feel free to use this emoji in pretty much any context. Every conversation calls for bacon.


3. Handshake

Not only can the handshake symbolize networking, the lifeblood of live events, it’s also a form of shorthand to replace texting back: “will do” or “got it.” Time will tell if it will one day serve as an official agreement between you and your hotel vendor (wink, wink).


4. Facepalm

Let’s be honest: There are many moments throughout your events that make you want to face palm, but you can’t do it in public (like when attendees repeatedly ask where the bathroom is, even though you went to great lengths to put excessive signage outside the ballroom to direct them). Send a face palm emoji to your teammate and they’ll commiserate with you for a minute before you have to move on to something more important.


5. ClinkingGlasses

If there’s one thing event professionals know how to do, it’s throwing a kick-butt reception. But often, planners don’t partake in the hoopla on site. Send this emoji to your team at the end of the event when you can kick off your shoes and celebrate your hard work.

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